Wasp & Hornet Catcher Set of 2 Orange

Wasp & Hornet Catcher Set of 2 Orange

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Wasp & Hornet Catcher Set of 2 in Orange

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Wasp & Hornet Catcher Set of 2 in Orange

The Wasp & Hornet Catcher is in an eye-catching orange colour that attracts the attention of insects. The design consists of a transparent container that allows you to observe the trapped insects and an entrance flap that prevents them from escaping.

The catcher works naturally, without the use of chemicals or toxins. You can therefore use it safely outdoors without endangering the health of people or pets.

The wasp & hornet catcher is reusable and easy to clean. You can rinse it with warm soapy water and prepare it for the next use. This makes it durable and cost effective compared to disposable traps.


  • Size: diameter 13cm, height 14cm
  • Weight: 119.5g/pc
  • There are dozens of small holes next to each large hole so that the scent can be released into the calabash. This attracts a large number of bees to achieve the effect of trapping.

Instructions for use

  • 1. Turn counter-clockwise to open the bottom of the bee trap
  • 2. Pour honey water, sugar water, pollen, etc. into the bait
  • 3. Turn clockwise and screw the bottom closed
  • 4. After assembly, hang in a place where bees frequent.

Note on spare parts: technikdepot.ch does not want to sell counterfeit products - therefore all our spare parts are explicitly not original brand spare parts, but produced by independent third-party manufacturers. Of course, all the usual quality requirements are met, but they do not have any brand logos printed on them.

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