Patona 90W charger 4.8 x 1.7 x 12mm 19V

Patona 90W charger 4.8 x 1.7 x 12mm 19V

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PATONA 90W synchronous power supply / charger 4.8 x 1.7 x 12mm 19V incl. USB output 2.1A.

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90W charger 4.8 x 1.7 x 12mm 19V

The Patona 90W charger with a plug measuring 4.8 x 1.7 x 12 mm and an output voltage of 19V offers a reliable and powerful solution for powering various compatible devices. With an output of 90W, it can efficiently charge a wide range of devices such as laptops and notebooks. The compact design makes it ideal for use at home, in the office or when travelling. Thanks to its robust construction and high-quality materials, the Patona 90W charger is a trustworthy choice for powering your electronic devices.


  • Input: AC 200V-240V ~ 50/60Hz 1.8A max.
  • Output: 19 90W max.
  • Output: DC 5V 2.1A max.
  • Plug dimensions: 4.8x1.7x12mm
  • Size: 140x60x36mm

The power supply is suitable for the following devices, for example

All other devices can also be operated with this power supply unit if the output values and plug dimensions match your device.


Emachines M2000, M2105, M5000, M5309, M5310, M5312, M6000, M6410, M6412, M6805, M6807, M6809

Gateway 7000 7110GX, 7405GH, 7405GX, 7410GX, 7415GX, 7426GX, 7508GX, 7510GH, 7510GX, 7515GX, MX7000, MX7118


7240, ALLEGRO, DVD7365, L7200, L7200 6/C300


A1, A2, A2000H, A2000L, A2C, A2Lp, A3, A3Ac, A3E, A3H, A3Vp, A6, F7, F7000, F7400, G1901, Grandio, L, L1, L3, L3000C, L3000H, L5, L5000GM, L7, L7000, L7000C, L7200, L7300, L8, L8400, M, M1, M2, M2N, M3, M3000, M3000N, M5, M5000, M5000NP , M5A, M5N, M6, M8, S1, S1000N, S1N, S5, S5200N, S5N, S5Ne, S8, T9, V6, V6J, V6V, V6VA, W1, W1V, W3V, W5, W5A, W5Ae, W5F, W5V, W6, W6A, W6AZ, Z33A, Z3A, Z61A, Z63A, Z70A, Z71A, Z71V, Z83V, Z9, Z9000, Z91E, Z93E


ChemBook 2000, 2383, 3000, 7000, 7200, 7300, 7400, 8000, 8200, 8400, 3300N


Notino AS7400, R5500


Armada 110, 600, 110S, E, E300, E500, E500S, E700, M, M300, M700, V300

Armada 110, E500, E500S, E700, M300, M700, V300

Armanda 100S

Compaq 100, 110, 305, 1640, 110S, 239427-001, 239428-001, 239428-002, 239704-001, 239705-001, 286755-001, 287515-001, 310744-002, 324815-001, 371790-001, 393945-001, 394224-001, ACCOM-C16, E500, E700, HP-OL091B13, M300, M700, N1000, N1020, N110, N150, N200, N400c, N410c, N600c, N610c, N610v, N620c, N800c, N800v, N800w, NC4000, NC4010, NC4200, NC5000, NC6000, NC6110, NC6120, NC6220, NC6230, NC8000, NW8000, NX5000, NX6110, NX6120, NX7000, NX7010, PA-1900-05C1, PPP009H, PPP012H, PPP012L, PPP014L, PPP014S, V300

Concerto 4/33, 4/25

Contura 3/25, 4/25, 3/25C, 4/25C, 4/25CX

Evo 800, 800c, N, N100, N1000, N1000c, N1000v, N1005v, N1015, N1015v, N1020, N1020v, N1050, N1050v, N110, N150, N200, N400, N400c, N410c, N600, N600c, N610c, N610v, N620c, N800, N800c, N800v, N800w

Mini 311, 311-1012TU

Pavilion 500, 510, 520, 530, dm3 , dm3-1000, dm3-1023TX, DV1000, dv1001, dv1001AP, dv1001XX, dv1002, dv1002AP, dv1002XX, dv1003AP, dv1004AP, dv1005AP, dv1005EA, dv1006AP, dv1006EA, dv1007AP, dv1007EA, dv1008AP, dv1009, dv1009AP, dv1009XX, dv1010AP, dv1010CA, dv1010US, dv1011EA, dv1012LA, dv1013AP, dv1014AP, dv1014LA, dv1015AP, dv1015LA, dv1016AP, dv1017AP, dv1018AP, dv1019AP, dv1019EA, dv101eAP, dv1020AP, dv1021AP, dv1022AP, dv1023AP, dv1024AP, dv1024LA, dv1025AP, dv1025LA, dv1026AP, dv1027AP, dv1029AP, dv1030AP, dv1030EA, dv1031AP, dv1032AP, dv1033AP, dv1034AP, dv1035AP, dv1036AP, dv1037AP, dv1040CA, dv1040US, dv1042QV, dv1044LA, dv1045EA, dv1045LA, dv1049CL, dv1049EA, dv1050EA, dv1055EA, dv1057EA, dv1060US, dv1061EA, dv1063EA, dv1064EA, dv1065EA, dv1065US, dv1066EA, dv1067EA, dv1068EA, dv1071EA, dv1074EA, dv1075EA, DV1100, dv1101AP, dv1102AP, dv1103AP, dv1104AP, dv1105AP, dv1105EA, dv1106AP, dv1107AP, dv1107EA, dv1108AP, dv1108EA, dv1109AP, dv1109EA, dv1110AP, dv1110EA, dv1111AP, dv1111EA, dv1112AP, dv1112EA, dv1113AP, dv1114AP, dv1115AP, dv1115LA, dv1116AP, dv1117AP, dv1117LA, dv1118AP, dv1119AP, dv1120AP, dv1121AP, dv1122AP, dv1123AP, dv1124AP, dv1125AP, dv1125EA, dv1125LA, dv1126AP, dv1127AP, dv1128AP, dv1129AP, dv1130AP, dv1130CA, dv1130EA, dv1130US, dv1131AP, dv1131EA, dv1131WM-B, dv1132AP, dv1133AP, dv1133WM, dv1134AP, dv1135AP, dv1135EA, dv1135LA, dv1136AP, dv1136EA, dv1137AP, dv1137EA, dv1138AP, dv1138EA, dv1139AP, dv1139EA, dv1140EA, dv1142EA, dv1145EA, dv1150US, dv1152EA, dv1153EA, dv1154EA, dv1155EA, dv1156CL, dv1159EA, dv1160EA, dv1165EA, dv1167EA, dv1168EA, dv1170CA, dv1170EA, dv1170US, dv1175US, dv1180EA, dv1180US, dv1190EA, DV1200, dv1207US, dv1210US, dv1215WM, dv1217US, dv1220EA, dv1220US, dv1224EA, dv1225CA, dv1225EA, dv1227US, dv1230EA, dv1240CA, dv1240US, dv1245CL, dv1245EA, dv1249EA, dv1250EA, dv1251EA, dv1252EA, dv1253EA, dv1254EA, dv1255EA, dv1258EA, dv1259EA, dv1260EA, dv1262EA, dv1263EA, dv1265EA, dv1266EA, dv1267EA, dv1270EA, dv1272EA, dv1275EA, dv1280EA, dv1281EA, dv1300, dv1301, dv1301XX, dv1302, dv1302XX, dv1310US, dv1311AP, dv1311SE, dv1312AP, dv1313AP, dv1314AP, dv1315AP, dv1315CL, dv1315LA, dv1316AP, dv1317AP, dv1317LA, dv1318AP, dv1319AP, dv1320AP, dv1320BR, dv1320US, dv1321AP, dv1321US, dv1325AP, dv1325LA, dv1326AP, dv1327AP, dv1330BR, dv1330CA, dv1331SE, dv1333AP, dv1334AP, dv1335AP, dv1335LA, dv1336AP, dv1337AP, dv1340AP, dv1340BR, dv1340US, dv1349AP, dv1350AP, dv1351AP, dv1352AP, dv1399, dv1399XX, dv1400, dv1410US, dv1411SE, dv1420CA, dv1420US, dv1427US, dv1430US, dv1432US, dv1439US, dv1440CA, dv1440US, dv1500, dv1515CL, dv1519US, dv1520US, dv1530US, dv1532US, dv1550SE, dv1580SE, dv1600, dv1603TN, dv1610US, dv1620US, dv2, dv2000, DV2000, dv2-1000, dv2400, dv2500, dv2600, dv4000, dv4100, DV4114AP, dv4200, dv4300, dv4400, dv5000, dv5000z, dv5100, dv5101TX, dv6000, DV6100, DV6101EA, dv6400, dv6500, dv6600, dv8000, dv8000z, dv8100, dv8200, dv8300, dv9000, dv9005TX, dv9200, dv9300, dv9500, dv9600, nw8000, NX8220, TX1000, TX1009, tx1009AU, tx1100, tx1200, tx1300, x1000, x1200, x1220US, ze, ZE2000, ze2000T, ze2000Z, ze2001, ze2001AP, ze2001EA, ze2001XX, ze2002AP, ze2002EA, ze2003AP, ze2004AP, ze2004US, ZT3000

Note on spare parts: does not want to sell counterfeit products - therefore all our spare parts are explicitly not original brand spare parts, but produced by independent third-party manufacturers. Of course, all the usual quality requirements are met, but they do not have any brand logos printed on them.


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Passende Marke
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