Schnick-Schnack-Schnuck - The right gaming accessories for your setup


What a musician's own studio is to a gamer, his or her setup is. Whether you want to make a professional impression when streaming or whether you do it for the atmosphere, the gaming accessories play a central role. That's why we've put together some ideas on how you can visually enhance your play room.


Want to create a stunning ambience? Then you should forget about candles and dull 0815 lighting. These days, you can't do without RGB LED lights. With an almost infinite number of colour combinations, you can create unique ambient lighting that can be controlled from the comfort of your gaming chair via app control.

Headsets & Microphone

Especially if you are an active streamer or plan to become one, good audio quality of your recordings is essential. With the right headset and a high-quality microphone, you'll be doing your viewers, your team and yourself a favour.

Mouse & Keyboard

By now, an illuminated mouse, keyboard and mouse pad are as much a part of being a gamer as rage-quitting after taking a headshot from a camper for the 5th time. In any case, the beautiful accessories make sure that you don't throw them against the wall right away.

Controller & charging station

If you prefer consoles, we recommend a chic LED charging station and a player with a colourful design or pattern. This will make you stand out from the rest and individualise your games room even more.


There are no limits to the design of your games room. There are many ways to upgrade and individualise your setup. In our shop, you will find some practical articles that will help you with your project and give your games room the right touch. We look forward to your visit.