4 pcs. HX6044 Replacement Brush Heads for Philips Sonicare

4 pcs. HX6044 Replacement Brush Heads for Philips Sonicare

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set of 4 HX6044 replacement brush heads suitable for Philips Sonicare electric toothbrush.

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HX6044 Replacement Brush Heads for Philips Sonicare

The HX6044 replacement brush heads are specially designed for use with Philips Sonicare electric toothbrushes. With this set of 4, you'll have enough brush heads to enjoy a long time with your toothbrush.

The brush heads are characterised by their high quality and effective cleaning. They are equipped with soft bristles that are gentle on your gums while thoroughly removing plaque and discolouration. The special shape of the bristles ensures optimal cleaning in the interdental spaces and along the gumline.

The HX6044 replacement brush heads fit perfectly on the brush head holder of your Philips Sonicare toothbrush and are easy to change. You can fit them quickly and easily to ensure your toothbrush always stays hygienic and effective.


  • High quality
  • Soft bristles
  • It is recommended to replace the brush head at least every 3 months
  • Not a branded product, high quality replacement product

Compatible with

HX6100/HX6150/HX6411/HX6411/HX6431/HX6431/HX6500/HX6511/HX6530/HX6711/HX9342/HX9332/HX9382/HX6730/HX6731/HX6732/HX6780/HX6781/HX6782/HX6902/HX6910/HX6911/HX6911/HX6912/HX6930/HX6932/HX6932/HX6932/HX6933/HX6942/HX6942/HX6952/HX6982/HX6982/Sonicare R710/Sonicare R732/Sonicare RS910/Sonicare RS930/Sonicare RS950/HX9342/HX9332/HX9382

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Not a brand product

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