380-piece heat shrink tubing kit

380-piece heat shrink tubing kit

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Heat shrink tubing set with 380 parts in different sizes.

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Heat shrink tubing kit 380 parts

The 380 piece heat shrink tubing kit is a handy set that contains a variety of heat shrink tubing in different sizes. It is ideal for electronics projects, repairs, insulation applications and much more.

The heat shrink tubing is made from high quality polyolefin material that tightens when heated and wraps tightly around the object to be insulated. This creates a reliable and watertight insulation that protects against moisture, dust and other environmental influences.

The set contains heat shrink tubing in various diameters, from thin wires to larger cables. Each heat shrink tube has a specific shrink rate that indicates the percentage by which it shrinks when heated. This allows you to choose the right heat shrink tubing for your specific needs.

Using heat shrink tubing is easy. You choose the right shrink tubing for the diameter of your cable or object, slide it over it and then heat it with a hot air gun or other heat source until it shrinks tightly around the object.

The 380-piece Heat Shrinkable Tubing Kit is a versatile kit that is useful in any workshop, home or professional environment. It provides an easy and effective way to insulate electrical connections, make repairs and much more. With this set, you'll always have the right size on hand to successfully complete your projects.


  • Durable and reliable
  • Material: copper
  • Application area: for e.g. ships and cars

Scope of delivery

  • 80x 10-12 AWG clamp
  • 100x 14-16 AWG clamp
  • 100x 18-22 AWG clamp
  • 3.5/1.75mm (0.14 in)-35x
  • 3.5/1.75 mm (0.14 in)-35x
  • 5/2.5 mm (0.2 in)-30x

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