149-piece set automatic irrigation 30m

149-piece set automatic irrigation 30m

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149in1 30m Adjustable Drip DIY Automatic Watering Irrigation Kit DIY.

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149-piece automatic watering set

The 149-piece automatic irrigation set is the ideal solution to water your plants efficiently and easily. With a total length of 30 metres, this set offers a generous reach to water your garden beds, flower beds or even your vegetable garden.

The set consists of high-quality components that ensure reliable and automated watering. It includes hose connectors, drippers, spray nozzles, valves, tees and much more. With this extensive selection of parts, you can customise the irrigation system according to your individual needs and the size of your garden.

Automatic watering allows you to water your plants evenly and efficiently without having to be present all the time. The system can be connected to a water tap. With the 149-piece automatic watering kit, you can save time and water as the system takes care of watering automatically and ensures that your plants always get the right amount of water. You can relax while the system does its job and your plants stay healthy and strong.

The kit is easy to install and can be easily extended or adapted to cover additional areas or plants. It provides a practical and reliable solution for watering your garden while allowing you to save water and practice sustainable gardening.


  • Product details: tap quick connector x 2, Y-type tee x 1, pointed quick connector x1, 4/7 capillary 30 metres (hose size: inner diameter 4mm outer diameter 6mm), adjustable high quality dripper x 30, 4 /7 positive tee x 30, 4/7 fixed rod x 30, flat tee x 20, orange spray x 20, double hook x 10, plug x 2, waterproof raw tape x 1
  • The dripper can be adjusted individually and different dripping speeds can be set according to the different water requirements of each plant. In the smallest case, the dripper can be completely closed without dripping.
  • Connection conditions: Connect the water tap with an external thread. If this is not the case, choose a tap with an outer diameter of 20 mm or less and use a universal tap connector to connect it. Two tap connections can be selected to connect the water source perfectly.

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