Solar Photovoltaic Plastic Holder Junction Box White

Solar Photovoltaic Plastic Holder Junction Box White

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Solar Photovoltaic Plastic Holder Junction Box White

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Solar Photovoltaic Plastic Holder Junction Box White

The plastic holder junction box is specially designed for outdoor use and is made of robust and weather-resistant plastic material. It provides protection from moisture, dust and other environmental factors to protect solar panel cables and connectors from corrosion and damage.

The junction box is typically mounted on the back of the solar panels and provides a secure and neat way to connect and manage the cables. It has special cable grommets and connectors that allow for easy installation and maintenance.

The white colour of the junction box ensures a clean and unobtrusive integration into the overall design of the solar installation. It matches well with most photovoltaic modules and blends harmoniously with the look of the solar installation.


  • Dimensions: 113 x 93 x 43 mm
  • The product is installed with adhesive.
  • Anti-ultraviolet, anti-UV agent has been added to the product, it will not change colour for a long time.
  • No perforation, no damage to the installation surface
  • ABS plastic photovoltaic mount is suitable for installing solar panels in RVs and yachts, and can also be used for installing photovoltaic panels on flat roofs.

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