set of 100 fuse holders / car fuses

set of 100 fuse holders / car fuses

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100in1 fuse holder set / car, vehicle, automotive fuses.

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100in1 fuse holder set

The fuse holders are made of high-quality material that is robust and durable. They provide safe and reliable protection for your electronic components by preventing overloads and short circuits.

This fuse holder set is suitable for a variety of applications, whether it's automotive, electronics, home appliances or more. You can use them for vehicles, RVs, boats, control panels, electrical cabinets and more.


  • Weight: 80g
  • Automotive blade fuse is a type of power fuse widely used in automobiles and industrial equipment. It plays a very important role in protecting the circuit and maintaining the normal operation of equipment. The automotive fuse is the main component of the automotive circuit. There are different specifications and colours, and the currents controlled by different colours are also different.
  • It mainly consists of three parts: Melt, Electrode and Holder. The fuse requires relatively strict selection of product raw materials, processing technology and production methods to ensure that the fuse can play its full role and the device can function normally.
  • Strong applicability, suitable for all kinds of cars.
  • Specifications:
  • 10A x 20pcs
  • 15A x 20pcs
  • 20A x 20pcs.
  • 25A x 10pcs.
  • 30A x 10pcs.
  • 7,5A x 10pcs
  • 5A x 10pcs

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