Power Plug Adapter EU to Swiss Plug Black

Power Plug Adapter EU to Swiss Plug Black

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Fixadapter 3pole IP44 black, Schuko plug CEE7/7 with plug CH type12. Cannot be removed after fitting. Permitted for units up to max. 10A. 3-pole fixed adapters must not be used for 2-pole plugs (without earthing).

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Power Plug Adapter EU to CH Black

The Power Plug Adapter EU to Swiss Plug in Black is a practical accessory that allows you to use electronic devices with a European plug in Switzerland. This adapter allows you to convert from a standard European plug (type C) to the specific Swiss plug type (type J).

Compatibility: The adapter is designed for electrical devices with a European plug (e.g. from Germany, France, Italy) to be used in Swiss sockets.

Robust design: The adapter housing is made of durable plastic that is both long-lasting and shock-resistant.

Easy to use: Simply plug the adapter into the Swiss socket and the European plug is inserted into the adapter.

Compact design: The compact adapter is lightweight and easy to carry. This makes it a useful companion when travelling or using imported electrical appliances.

Safety: The adapter complies with current safety standards and ensures a safe connection between the European plug and the Swiss socket.

This adapter is particularly practical for travellers or people who want to use electrical devices from other European countries in Switzerland. Note, however, that the adapter does not perform voltage conversion. Make sure that your appliances support the respective voltage in Switzerland (230 V) to avoid damage.


  • PBT + glass fibre material, VO grade highly flame retardant, high hardness
  • Built-in metal ring, can be inserted into the plug lock, not easy to loosen, safer
  • Can be used for power supply/kitchen appliances/large appliances/beauty appliances, etc
  • Suitable for two types of plugs
  • Swiss plug, rubberised size in accordance with safety regulations, semi-insulated rubberised feet
  • Solid copper earth electrode, solid copper terminal, lower resistance, more protection
  • Phosphor bronze insert, brass nickel-plated pins, reinforce the earth terminal, high performance without heat

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